Community-owned Energy in Gargrave and Malhamdale

Active Projects

Solar panels on St Andrew’s Church, Gargrave

The project is to install a 10kW array of solar photo-voltaic (PV) panels on the south aisle roof of St Michael’s Church in Gargrave.


Electricity generated by the panels will contribute to electricity used in the church in daytime, replacing electricity from the grid, while any electricity not consumed in the church will be exported to the grid.

A particular challenge in the project is the proportion of the church’s electricity used during the night to power external floodlights. Lately these have been replaced with LED’s which have dramatically reduced the night-time power demand. The installation will be made “battery ready” in anticipation of the day when rising electricity prices and rapidly advancing battery technology, make storage of solar generated electricity ¬†for use at night economically viable.

CEGAM are assisting the Church Council with their application to the Diocese of Bradford for permission to install the panels suitable for this iconic and beautiful Grade 2 listed building.

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