Community-owned Energy in Gargrave and Malhamdale

Energy efficiency

Measures to improve energy efficiency depend on individual properties and life styles. In Craven there are many older style properties that are difficult and costly to keep warm in winter.

Our Plan to implement sustainable energy generation via a Community Interest Company (CIC) means that we have to apply for the governments feed-in tariff payments (FIT) and Renewable heat Incentives (RHI). To qualify for these incentives properties hosting renewable energy technologies have to achieve a specified level of energy efficiencyOwl depending on building type and use. In these cases an energy audit has to be carried out by an accredited surveyor in order to obtain the necessary Environmental Performance Certificate to qualify for FIT’s and RHI’s.

While we are not accredited energy efficiency surveyors we can give advice, at an early stage, on measures that will be needed to achieve the required level of energy efficiency, and how to make best use of energy generated on site from renewable sources.

Once the project is under way and earning an income, profits will be shared between shareholders in the CIC and local organisations. One priority will be to contribute to improving the energy efficiency of hard-to-treat properties.


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