Community-owned Energy in Gargrave and Malhamdale


Our story …

… starts with a successful open meeting at The Swan Inn, Gargrave, on 14th April 2014 to discuss the potential for community ownership of renewable energy resources. Out of around 30 supporters of the idea a steering group was set up to investigate practicalities and come up with a plan. Currently six strong, the steering group have defined our main objectives as:-


“To promote a sustainable and energy efficient future in and around Gargrave and Malhamdale through education, energy efficiency and the delivery of sustainable green energy for the benefit of the inhabitants of the area”


… and are currently in the process of working through a start-up plan to establish a Community Benefit Society which will install, own and operate renewable energy generation installations throughout the area, providing income to benefit the community, and to provide a regular return to our shareholders.

before we can do that however, we have to constitute ourselves as a Legal Entity. We are currently an informal organisation with a Constitution.

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