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Community-owned Energy in Gargrave and Malhamdale

Pioneering renewable energy in the Southern Dales

Welcome to CEGAM. We are creating a community-owned energy company to harness the available natural resources in our area to generate electricity and heat, for the benefit of our community,

Please browse our website and leave your contact details if you are interested in joining us.

If you have in mind a renewable energy project you would like to see implemented please click here.

Our mission:  

To promote a sustainable and energy efficient future in and around Gargrave and Malhamdale through education, energy efficiency and the delivery of sustainable green energy for the benefit of the inhabitants of the area


Community Partnership

 Our 3 part plan to make our communities more sustainable:

  • Education – to increase awareness of the need to act collectively
  • Energy efficiency – encouraging energy efficiency as a prerequisite for installing renewable energy generating devices
  • Developing community-owned renewable energy resources for the benefit of our communities



Taking action to bring a Green Transition to Gargrave and Malhamdale

The film DEMAIN (meaning “tomorrow”) screened in Gargrave on 15th February explores what communities all over the world are doing to become more resilient and sustainable in the face of climate change.

The film asks what would it be like to live in a low carbon, low energy, zero waste society? We cannot survive wearing hair shirts, living in caves and eating rotten potatoes – what would it actually be like? In the words of Rob Hopkins, founder of the Transition Movement, actually, it could be “FANTASTIC!

A discussion after screening of the film in Gargrave Village Hall threw up interesting project ideas for our own local community. A SWOT analysis looking at the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats associated with each project indicates that our community could actually be changed for the better. See the comments and analyses here.

Now we invite you to take part in a consultation to enable some of these to be developed and actioned.

Find out more about this here.

Making the Transition

Making the transition to a low carbon economy is more than just finding the cheapest substitute for dirty fossil fuels. It is an opportunity to make changes to our lifestyles that will benefit us all as a community, providing employment opportunities for our children and grandchildren.

Renewable energy projects such as solar panels mounted in fields and on barns contribute to farm incomes, or mounted on roofs of community buildings cut power bills. Community owned small wind turbines can provide similar benefits while hydro projects can support heritage infrastructure by making disused weirs profitable and contributing to the installation and upkeep of fish ladders.

Implementation of these technologies through a Community Benefit Society contributes to community action in other areas, such as supporting local bus services, a community shop, or conservation work.

A Renewable Energy Study of the Malhamdale Area carried out in 2007 found that over 9 million kWhrs of energy in various forms were consumed annually, of which 1.5 million kWhrs were electricity. This means that the average domestic consumption of electricity in Malhamdale is 5,000 kWhrs per year compared to the average for Craven of 4,500 kWhrs and England 4,000kWhrs.

Heating accounts for the balance of 7.5 million kWhrs, an average of 25,000 kWhrs per household annually While these figures are approximate they illustrate that heating is by far the highest consumer of energy. By opting for wood fuel to heat our homes we encourage forestry, which reduces the rate of rainwater run-off, minimizes flash floods and stabilizes river banks as well as contributing to water quality. However there is a need to find ways of insulating homes to as high a standard as possible to reduce heating fuel costs and make homes more comfortable. In an area where one of the main industries is sheep farming there must be a potential here for sheep’s wool insulation!





Why not become part of our initiative?

Our community energy group CEGAM has been set up to promote, facilitate and manage community projects and energy saving. We are a small team of individuals dedicated to taking forward our area’s contribution to the transition to a low carbon economy required to limit the rise in global temperature to within the 1.5 degrees set in the Paris Agreement of December 2015. This transition is not going to happen by accident – it has to be designed and implemented and we invite interested individuals or groups to come forward and contribute their ideas and enthusiasm to our cause.

We are not promoting a single technology. Technologies will be chosen to suit the site and preferences of residents, based on consultation.

The aim of the group is to maximise returns for the local community. None of us are salaried – all profits are shared between shareholders and the community

If you would like to be part of this initiative or would like to find out more please fill in the form on the right of this page.


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